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ZITADEL LIMITED provides Waste management/Environmental engineering and Technical support services. Zitadel is committed to:
Conducting business in the safest possible manner and providing a safe and healthy work place for employees, customers, contractors and the general public.
Consistently meeting customer requirements and expectations with respect to quality, cost, performance, safety and reliability.
Continually improving process and procedures to ensure increased efficiency, safety effectiveness and environmental performance at all level of services.
The principle that Quality, Health, Safety and Protection of the Environment is everyone’s responsibility and requires the direct involvement of all managers, supervisors and employees.


ZITADEL LIMITED is committed to doing business in a way consistent with preserving the surrounding environment. ZITADEL LIMITED recognizes that preservation of the ENVIRONMENT is vital to the progress and development of our Company, nation, its people and its free enterprise system. ZITADEL LIMITED will comply with Federal, State and Local laws and regulations governing protection of the environment.

Preventing environmental pollution is the responsibility of all ZITADEL LIMITED personnel. Prevention is accomplished by managing chemical products and subsequent waste disposal in compliance with environmental laws and regulations and conducting its business in accordance with the customer’s guidelines on environmental protection.

Above all, a sound training and awareness program for all employees is the key to achieving our goals in relation to environmental preservation. Each employee is responsible for conducting his/her duties in a manner that is consistent with ZITADEL LIMITED environmental compliance guidelines and policy.


ZITADEL LIMITED is committed to sustainability, to think, plan and create better run communities where organizations balance short and long term profitability and holistically manage economic, environmental, social risks and opportunities.
As we run toward our vision of a better run world, we will meet the short term expectations for driving growth and profits. We believe that short term expectations will not compromise ZITADEL’S QHSE standards.
Zitadel will invest in selected environmental or social projects.
Zitadel with a heightened sense of stewardship and transparency, recognizes that environmental and social realities are integral part of our business as strong communities and a healthy ecosystem support thriving businesses. We do not see sustainability as a cost to be managed. We see it equally as an opportunity to be seized.
Zitadel believes that our Sustainability policy will guide the company’s vision and strategy and enable us to act in the interest of the communities/society.
The concept of ‘sustainability’ is an integral part of the company’s operations which, due to their nature and complexity, have always demanded a special focus on people, social and environmental issues.
This consists of managing the risks involved and ensuring that the company’s presence is a contributing factor to the social and economic development of local communities.
We are convinced that the theme of Local Content remains a cornerstone of Oil and Gas business and will continue to be a determining factor in ensuring that the industry can operate successfully in highly diverse and complex local contexts.

Zitadel Limited Nigeria Local Content Development Policy

ZITADEL LIMITED a hundred percent (100%) Nigerian Company is committed to promoting steady, measurable and sustained improvement of LOCAL CONTENT through professional training and certification of our personnel and preferential patronage of NIGERIAN goods and services manufacturers, suppliers and representatives who meet the minimum Safety and Quality standards required for effective and efficient service delivery.

Our approach shall be in consonance with the main thrust of the LOCAL CONTENT Policy aspirations of the Federal Government of Nigeria and our Clients. 

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